It Finally Feels Right 😬

I switched jobs so many times, I almost thought I was the problem.

It’s taken me 5 years since leaving my last job to finally feel like I figured out what I was meant to do.

Let me tell you a quick story about all the jobs that lead me to my journey as an entrepreneur and how realized I am Ambitious As Fuck!

Here’s the back story. I started working in the dental field when I was 18 and my daughter was 2. Yup, your math is correct, I was a 16yo baby who had a baby, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I worked at my first dental office for 6 months, but decided to leave this dentist because she was a little shady and decided to stay home with baby. My next job was at Lakeridge Athletic Club in El Sobrante, CA almost 2 years later. I was able to bring my 4yo and 2yo to work with me at the daycare. After about a year, I wanted to apply for a better-paying admin job because I was not feeling mentally challenged.

I ended up at a pediatric dental office for almost 5 years and have all kinds of stories to share with y’all later about that guy.

From this point, I ventured into the construction admin field and truly enjoyed it but ended up in dental again because that’s where I always made the most money.Β For nearly 14 years I bounced in and out of dentistry because dentists have the tendency of being anal retentive and overbearing, to say the least.

Over those years I worked as an administrative coordinator at a janitorial company, cosmetic surgeons office, and roofing company. I was also a server at restaurants, worked as a caterer, and helped my best friend jumpstart her now very successful wedding and event coordinating company.

Working with Diana was probably some of the best times I ever had but that was her baby, not mine. But, it did awaken my entrepreneurial desires. Although it has taken several attempts to finally feel right about what I do.

I finally quit working FOR dentists and started working WITH dentists as a consultant. When the opportunity presented itself to help as a consultant, I jumped in with no actual plan as to how I would market my business other than flyers and cold calling/going into offices. All I knew was that I just landed my first client, was going to earn twice what I was making at that roofing job I was working at, and quit my job.

Looking back, that was so wild!Β It was balsy and kinda crazy but I knew I had to do it.Β 

I was so tired of giving every job my all but not being paid what I was worth. I was tired of not being challenged. I knew I could offer business owners help in a bigger way than as an employee. I was no longer employable.

I didn’t want to get stuck working with dentists so I focused on organizing the administration and efficiency of small businesses and their protocols.

At this point, I knew I needed to start marketing my business in order for it to grow but, I had no capital to invest in marketing. So like many, I started figuring out my own marketing. Books, videos, articles, podcasts, you name it, I was determined to learn how to market.

Social Media, oh man did I hate it! I wasn’t even personally on it, now you’re telling me I gotta spend time on it for my business?! I gotta get on camera?! 😱 WTF!? But the more I learned about branding and marketing, the more social media became my focus, so I started offering it to the current clients I was already working with as an added service for super cheap.

I was learning everything I could and it all started making more and more sense! Marketing is what all the business owners I worked with never really knew how to do or incorporate. Once all of this clicked, I knew this is how I would help business owners and myself.

2 name changes later and here we are at Ambitious AF Marketing. Besides creating a brand, I discovered how much I enjoyed writing. I’d already been writing for various reasons but copywriting is pretty much the magic behind most of the marketing any business will use.

Now that I changed my business name to Ambitious AF Marketing, it feels like me, it feels authentic, and it describes who I am. Everything flows out of me differently and effortlessly. With this, I encourage you to not be afraid to change your mind and change directions. Even when people judge you, or don’t take you seriously, you gotta do what feels right for you and even if it means you change your business, business name, or even the industry.





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