Social Media Marketing – Broken Down

Priscilla Parra Growth StrategistSocial Media Marketing can seem overwhelming if you don’t know what it consists of. Here are a few tips to help you understand the components of social media marketing, whether you are working it yourself or going to hire someone to do it for you.

1. Content – This is the written portion of your post. This will include a hook to draw your target audience and the relevant information within the post itself.

2. Media – This includes photos, images and the visual part of your posts.

3. Posting Schedule – This is when and how often your posts will go up.

4. Engagement – This involves 2 aspects, one is to interact with current followers and maintain a relationship and the other is to get the attention of potential followers/clients.

5. Nurturing Your Audience – This is important in order to keep your current followers interested by paying attention to who your audience already consists of and representing your brand consistently.

Understanding these facets of running a social media account can help you be consistent and achieve the goals you have set out to get from your social media business account in the first place. If you have someone running your account and any of these are missing, you are not getting the most for your business. We recommend learning more about content creation or consider hiring a company who understands the importance and how to reach your target market. We’re always here if you need advice!


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