Social Media Marketing Differentiations


Social Media Marketing is a broad term and includes various components that are not always clear. This article will help you understand and differentiate these service components so that you can make an informed decision before spending your marketing investment dollars or incorporating this on your own.

Social Media Nomenclature (words used in regards to social media marketing aka SMM)

💎 Posts/Posting

A post should consist of content (see below) and appropriate hashtags (see below)

Posting should be consistent and it is helpful to use a scheduling posting service such as Hootsuite, Later, Tailwind, or Buffer. (They have similar functions but depending on your goals and budget, they have their differences.)

Depending on the social media platform you are using, you have a choice of posting to your Feed or your Story.

Some SMM’s will not include posting as part of their service at all or will only post to your feed and not your story.

💎 Content

Content consists of:

Media – The image, video, or sound file used as the visual focus of your post. This needs to be uploaded to create a post on the social media platform you will use.

Hook/Caption – The hook consists of the eyecatching words used to grab your targeted viewers’ attention. This hook will be used either inside of the media or in the written section of the post, or both. You can also think of this as a title.

Copy – The copy is the body of the written text in the post. What I’ve written here in this blog post is the copy.

✍🏽 It’s important to note these aspects when hiring because you might find a content creator who only creates the media aspect of the content but not the written portion.  To give you some context, I’ll use a videographer as an example. They might create marketing content that only consists of the video and not a script for the video if they are shooting a commercial. Some content creators or SMM’s will create imagery for you but not the eye-catching written portion to reach your intended audience or visa versa.

#️⃣ Hashtags aka “the number sign”

Hashtags are the world of discovery and being discovered within any social media platform. They should be used accordingly. Not using them at all limits your posts reach but they shouldn’t be used as clickbait. For example, if you sell wigs and use the hashtag puppies, that is misleading and is considered clickbait. You’ll get more views but the viewer will be dissapointed and sometimes upset for being mislead.

Everyone has a different strategy on how many to use but each platform has its own recommendations. I’ve added the links for Instagram(IG) and Linkedin(LI) below

Instagram Hashtags

Linkedin Hashtags

💎 Avatar/Persona/Ideal Client/Target Audience/Target Market

These all mean the same thing. No matter if you hire a SMM or you decide to do your own, knowing who this is for your particular business or cause is the most important aspect of marketing. If the company you are interviewing doesn’t use this as part of their strategy, keep it moving! Honestly, this may sound easy but from experience, it took me some time to figure out who I was speaking to in a way that would attract a BUYING customer.

Followers don’t equal customers if the posting has no purpose! (READ THAT AGAIN)

Your purpose in marketing is to speak directly to this person. Help solve their pain points with your content, speak in their point of view instead of selling at them. Truly understanding who these people are and developing trust with this audience is one of the magic ingredients to successful social media marketing. If you’d like a template to help you create ideal client personas (you should have several) click here.
💎 Engagement

Engaging is another key ingredient to successful social media marketing, more so on IG and LI or even Twitter (if you can keep up with the constancy of Twitter.)

Engagement is the social aspect of social media or in other words, networking! I always use this analogy: You wouldn’t attend a networking event, drop off a stack of business cards, leave without speaking to anyone and expect anyone to truly be interested in doing business with you, would you?

That’s how posting and logging off works, to a degree. By commenting and liking others’ posts, you develop relationships and common interests. Remember, you are not selling at people, you are building trust.

This is not always offered by social media marketing companies so, if it’s not an option you will need to do this task yourself. This is recommended to be done on a daily basis not only on other accounts but also by responding to those who comment on your page or private messages/direct messages aka DM’s. (FYI: Your scheduling app doesn’t engage for you.)

This happens to be the most overlooked aspect overall and it stunts the growth of your efforts. I ask you to consider if you can dedicate at least an hour each day for this task. If the SMM you are interviewing offers this, ask them how long they spend each day. My team always spends a minimum of 1 hour per day, 5 days per week.

💎 Link in Bio

The links in your bio are the easiest way to redirect and convert interested followers. Depending on what you want to share with your audience, it might be a signup form, your website, your podcast, an event, or all of the above, the proper links can lead them easily.

Within your post, your call to action will have more success if you send viewers to the link in your bio. Always remember the fact that humans have a natural tendency to be lazy. If something isn’t readily available by clicking, we probably won’t take extra steps to get there. Adding a website address within your post is not clickable unless that person is on a computer. How many of us are not using the app on our phone for social media, seriously?!

Unless you are constantly updating your website or creating new landing pages, Linktree will make your life so much easier than just adding your website link. The coolest thing is that the free version is so flexible, you may not need to pay for it any time soon.

🧠 Is your brain full of new social media marketing knowledge? I truly hope this will help you understand social media marketing, its components, and the benefits of utilizing it for your business.

I fell in love with all of this and helping other business owners reap the benefits as well. I’m always happy to provide personalized information and I constantly post tips on Instagram. Feel free to reach out to me personally by email, phone or any of my social media platforms. It would be my pleasure to work with you 😄


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