Start With Your Mission Statement

This is a special post, guiding you with a few simple steps on how to create your mission statement or revamp your current one. I highly recommend establishing a solid and well-written statement to help direct the rest of your marketing efforts. Your mission statement alone can reach exactly who you are trying to target.

Take some notes because here are the 4 simple bullet points to help organize what you are trying to say when you create your message! Keep in mind, the order in which you finalize the statement is up to you and all about how well it flows.

1. What service or product do you provide?

2. Who is your product or service meant for? (Is it other businesses, people, pet owners, pets, moms, women, minorities, children, baby boomers?)

3. Why are you providing your service or product, what problem does it solve for the buyer?

4. What value does the buyer get from buying from you? (Why should they buy from you over your competitor? What about your product or service is special or unique and would make you stand out?

I have provided this in a quick Instagram video and have received so much positive feedback from business owner that put it to use. If you’d like to see that video, follow us on Instagram @myofficefairy or Creating Your Mission Statement Video

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